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Hen and Terry


I’m still watching the weather.  Oh dear, when will it ever rain in the South?  We’ll probably get a freeze up before it rains.  If safe, we will run Harvest Song and Silver Roque at Haydock on Wednesday.  Terry is progressing and taking short walks.  He has lost a lot of weight and looks very weak but his mind is still sharp and he’s watching all the racing on the TV Channels and is busy telling me what to do!  He is delighted to hear that his very best friend Josh Gifford is making significant progress and is able to talk and eat again though he too is very weak.  Terry and Josh were such great warriors and such special friends.  I’m so looking forward to them having a reunion once Josh comes out of hospital.  It’s a privileged to know the pair of them! Two special people.

Added on: 24/10/2011

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