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Hen and Terry

West Lockinge update

Terry is making a little progress but is still a long way off being his normal self.  He is very quiet and obedient!  His speech is improving. 


Just had to take my wonderful 7 year old Golden Retriever ‘Tiger’ to the vets as he collapsed this morning and the surgery is very worried about him.  It could be an internal haemorrhage as he is very anaemic.  We can’t run the horses today either as the Fontwell ground has changed overnight to Good to Firm.  Just hoping for better luck to come our way very soon.  


P.S. The weather is really crazy.  Our good friend Wilson Dennison who lives in Northern Ireland and from whom we buy a number of horses reports that he has never seen so much rain in County Antrim and that the whole county is flooded and under water.  They are the worst conditions ever known.

Added on: 19/10/2011

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