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Hen and Terry

Mondays News

Despite Terry being in hospital – has been in 10 days due to Gastric problems plus leg ulcers and arthritic knees – things are nevertheless very busy at West Lockinge Farm. 


Yogi Breisner has just given another fantastic course – 3 hours and 15 riders!  Everybody happy despite the rain.  The next date will be Tuesday 20th August – please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!! One of the sessions will be for ponies only and/or very novice horses.  Friday will be busy too, as Hen has 16 Pony Club children for lessons – use of gallops and hurdles and schooling fences (racehorse style!)


We have some excellent members of staff and are ready to take in horses for schooling or horses/riders for 2 or 3 days for jumping/dressage tuition or loose jumping (loose school) for very novice beginners (horses not riders!)  Watch this space.



We currently have 18 horses to prepare for next NH Season and so a lot going on!

Added on: 05/08/2013

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